Branch standards.

ASUProject applications are built on the basis of open Oil & Gas standards. We use modified POSC Epicenter standard(which were developed by Energistics) in building our solutions . Also we use open program APIs that allow us to easily customize the solutions for the customer's specific needs. Industrial and IT standards used in our applications.

XML: Universal language of choice for exchanging information over the Web.

XSLT: It is a language that helps to transform one XML document into another XML. XSLT is useful for different data transformation.

POSC: Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium ( Specification that has achieved a defined level of formal approval and demonstrated acceptance in OIL & Gas industries. Our industrial database model is based on POSC.

WITSML: new standards for drilling information transfer. BP and Statoil started development in 2000 along with BakerHughes, Halliburton, and Schlumberger. We use this standard for data transferring and visualization on our solution.

Agile Development.

We use Agile development approach in building web and client-server applications. The Agile development approach allows us to make the development process more effective and transparent, better understand customer's needs, quickly react and adjust the system to changes and as a result reduce the costs of development.

You will get:

Weekly Releases: Every week we release intermediate versions and show them to the client on our testing environment/server. It allows you always be up-to-date on the project status and control the development process.

Regression Testing: We pay much attention to testing. Our applications are tested automatically and repeatedly.

Flexible architecture: Flexible architecture gives our solutions scalability and flexibility. Our solutions can be easily customized to new requirements. Our solutions grow with your company and your needs.